At Decathlon, we care about you and your safety. Our products are designed to satisfy every user on a long term basis. 

We are continuously innovating to improve our quality standards and make our products more resistant, sustainable and comfortable for you. To do so, we test each product several times and collect your feedback. Sometimes, we have to recall some of them to satisfy you even better. 

The following items have been recalled:


Between 05/12/2018 and 21/06/2019
You are concerned by this information note.


Product references : 1760147 and 1759997

We ask you to stop using this product

As part of our quality and safety processes, we have identified a potential risk : in very few cases, the screwgate (black part) in the carabiner could be assembled upside down. It can cause an unpredictable unlocking while using it.

Considering that your safety is paramount, we decided to recall this product.
You are concerned by this product recall if your purchase was made between 05/12/2018 and 21/06/2019

Here is how to check if you carabiner is OK or NOT OK:

1 / Place your carabiner in the right position

2 / Check the screwgate position

if the hollow part is on the top, your carabiner is OK

if the flat part is on the top, your carabiner is not OK


Between 01/01/2016 and 24/12/2018
You are concerned by this information note.

Product Name: DST 100

Brand: Domyos
Product reference: 8360619

We ask you to stop using this product

Thank you for the confidence you have placed in us by buying a Domyos Strap Training.
As part of our safety and quality controls and our constant dialogue with customers, the CROSS TRAINING / BODY
BUILDING teams have become aware that this product does not meet our desired level of safety.
We have found that, in very rare cases, the snap hook can break and lead to a fall.
We ask you not to use the product anymore if the following corrective action hasn't been done before.
The risk may be eliminated by carrying out a simple procedure. Complete the following steps to find
out all the details of this procedure:

You will be able to choose between:
- repare simply the product yourself, using the method set out in the following video

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